Going Bananas
for the $APES

A conservation token providing safe haven for Great $APES.

Center for Great Apes

The $APES need our help

Endangered Apes are traded among exotic animal collectors who find they cannot properly care for their Apes. Generous sanctuaries rescue these Apes and restore them to full health. At ApeHaven, we leveraged automatic-yield-generating technology with a charitable mission. 1% of each transaction of $APES token is donated to the Center for Great Apes and other wildlife sanctuaries.


We are here for the $APES! 1% of each transaction goes directly to the Center for Great Apes. Help us support their vital mission and buy $APES.

Original Supply


10% tax on transactions

7% token strength
2% reflection to holders

HODL to Save The Apes

We automatically distribute tokens to holders who benefit simply by holding tokens in their wallets

conservation wallet

1% conservation/charity wallet


It takes $22,000 to take care of one Ape at the Center for Great Apes. They house 60 Apes and are expecting 14 more in the fall. We want to do as much as we can to help them save the $APES. We are diligently working on NFTs and merch to continue to keep things exciting.

Where we Donate

We are currently supporting the Center for Great Apes. By simply transacting $APES tokens, you support the Ape sanctuary without making a direct donation.